Water Treatment Services Make Water a Magical Potion for Sustaining Life on Earth

03 Apr Water Treatment Services Make Water a Magical Potion for Sustaining Life on Earth

Have you ever wondered if you are at the mercy of various viruses and chemical pollutants when you gulped water down your thirsty throat? Not yet? Then give it a thought. Is your drinking water really safe and pure? Do you know what may get mixed in water as it starts its initial journey from underground stream or reservoir till it reaches your home faucet as its final destination?

Here is a brief insight into what the water may have in it and how to get rid of unwanted soluble present in water that we use.

Hard Water: Hardness in water is due to the presence of two main salts namely, calcium and magnesium. Calcium gets dissolved in water when it passes through limestone deposits. And when water flows through magnesium bearing rocks, magnesium gets dissolved in water.

How do you know if you are using hard water?

Look for the following signs like white spots on dishes and shower cubicles or soap scum insinks and bathtubs. Your soaps and shampoos do not lather much. Hard water does not pose health hazard as such, but there are chances that you may develop skin irritations or infections. Moreover the salt gradually starts depositing and forming layers on the pipes especially on the bends and near the openings resulting in choking up of pipes. This induces slow flow of water through pipes and subsequently the pipes may need replacement.

Water Treatment Services

How do you get rid of hardness in the water?

Hire the help of water treatment services in installing water softener in your house.Water softenerin Indianagenerally uses the ion exchangeresins wherein calcium and magnesium salts are replaced by sodium or potassium salts.This technique gets rid ofsalts which cause hardness in water.

Contaminated Water: Water is a universal solvent, which means in addition to important minerals even unwanted substances like algae, bacteria, virus and pollutants get mixed in water.

How do you know if your water is contaminated?

Contaminated water usually has faint foul smell and has subtle hintof color in it as compared to the odorless, colorless clean water.

How to purify contaminated water?

To get rid of these contaminants in water various purification processes are available.  Simple boiling process is not enough to purify water. The various types of purification process are charcoal filtering, membrane filtration, ion exchange, UV disinfection, ozone disinfection, reverse osmosis etc.The water treatment services combine 2-3 processes to give us pure drinking water.

Water treatment can be had as an individual or combination of softening process and filtration process. What type of water treatment services you need depends on the quality of water in your house. If water hardness is a problem in your locality, then go in for a water softener Indiana. And if you have problem of contaminated water go in for a filtration system.

It is desirable that we go in for filtration system as a necessity since we are unaware of how pure our water is. After all prevention is better than cure and what a man desires is to remain healthy and fit in his lifetime.

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