Water Treatment, Softener and Filtration In Lebanon, Boone

Hard water…..


Have you ever heard of that? If not, just look at different signs that indicate that you are using hard water. Checkout for mineral buildup around your water fixtures, soap scum on bathtub, curtains, and doors, and dull scratchy clothing; have you got any of these? If yes, then you are surely using hard water.


Now, what exactly is hard water?


Hard water is that water which has high mineral content. It is formed when water permeates through deposits of limestone and chalk, usually made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.


A look at your bathroom and sink area in kitchen and you will get the most visible signs that you are using hard water.


Impact of hard water on your home and body:


Hard water not only impacts your taps and fixtures but also affects the health of your skin. High levels of calcium and magnesium, present in water, impact different organs in the body and create health problems.


  • Drinking hard water puts you at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a number of studies, conducted at the international level, heart disease and high blood pressure can result due to hard water consumption.
  • There is also a risk of increased reproductive failure.
  • In children, hard water can retard growth.
  • Hard water is also an open invitation to different types of cancer, including gastric, colon, ovarian, esophageal, etc.
  • Diabetes and neural diseases have also been connected to drinking hard water.

The above reasons are enough for raising an alarm into any health conscious individual consuming hard water.


So, what is the solution?


The best solution is to consider water treatment for hard water. Water softener helps is removing calcium and magnesium ions which settle on your taps and showers, and also damage your vital organs.


Softener and Filtration In Lebanon, Boone


Water softener helps in extracting the hardness, iron, and manganese from hard water. Soft water keeps you healthy and also avoids unsightly spots from your bathroom and sink area in your kitchen. Avail of water softener and filtration equipment, from Trition Water Solutions, to get rid of all the problems associated with hard water.


How Does Trition Water Solutions Water Softener in Lebanon, Boone Work?


Water softener by Trition Water solutions comes with a resin which is placed inside the tank. The resin removes the elements from the working water till the resin is full. The tank then automatically regenerates to remove the elements with salt or a salt substitute with the use of brine solution from the brine tank.




Features of Our Technologically Developed Water Softener and Filtration System


  • Built using the latest water treatment technology, our water softener ensures that your water gets treated and filtered without much electricity or salt consumption.
  • They are not only easy to use but are built to handle toughest iron, manganese, and hard water problems usually present in residential well water and city water supplies.
  • Featuring Hellenbrand water treatment materials, our water softener offers high efficiency and durability.
  • By imparting valuable education and training required to handle water filtration products, we ensure that you can utilize the equipment to the optimum.
  • Secure your health today! Get a water softener in Lebanon, Boone now and get rid of those irritating stains that bring down the glory of your home.