How a Water Softener Transforms the Quality of Water

Water SoftenerYou might be wondering what is this fuss about softening the water and why do we need it. Well, let me tell you that the water that flows into your homes, school, and offices through pipes is hard water. Hard water is the kind of water that consists of excess minerals for examples, calcium, and magnesium. Not only this, hard water also creates various problems for us like foul plumbing and it promotes galvanic or bimetallic corrosion. It is also found that hard water leads to cardiovascular diseases and increase in acidic PH in the body of human being. It can also lead to pipes being clogged and inefficiency of running appliances.

An amazing and interesting solution for hard water

water softener is a unit or system that removes excess minerals from the hard water and it softens the water through water softening techniques. It removes the calcium and magnesium ions from the hard water.

Why is water softening applied?

Water softening decreases the hardness of water and it expands the life span of the appliance like laundry machines which uses water. It helps in soap to dissolve easily and prevents the pipes from being clogged. It can be maintained through occasional maintenance. The calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions in the process of water softening.

Benefits for everyone

Water softening has many benefits for us like it reduces the scale build-up on appliances, titles, dishes and plumbing too. It makes soap usage more effective as it will dissolve easily into water. Your skin would not feel dry and scratchy anymore. You will feel that your skin is glowing and softer than before. Your hair will be smoother.

Your silverware, glassware, titles, cars, plumbing mirrors will be cleaner and shinier. Reduction of soap curd will make cleaning easier and house work will be decreased. Softer clothes and softer fabric will be around you. You will love the feeling of wearing your clothes. It also saves money on energy costs and any kind of damage to the home appliances. The water gets heated faster with water softening.

Types of Softeners

There are mostly two types of softeners, a salt based softener and a salt-free softener for hard water problems. Former one will give you a feeling of slick and more clothes will be brighter while the latter one will also reduce scale formation along with brightening of the color of the clothes.

 Is rainwater soft or hard?

The water that comes from rain is soft because it has not been in contact with minerals.

Is water from well soft or hard?

The water extracted from the well is hard water because it has been in contact with soil which is rich in minerals. Hence, the water soaks the minerals in itself while it is underground.

Although, hard water is linked to cardiovascular diseases, but it is said that hard water is a good option for drinking as it fulfills human dietary needs for minerals in an interesting way. There are a few water testing techniques to find out whether the water is hard or soft or somewhere in between.underground.

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