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Chlorination of water wells is conducted to sanitize a residential or commercial water system to ensure it is safe for human consumption. This service is required for a property transfer when the water quality test fails for bacteria. We recommend that water well systems be chlorinated any time a pump is physically removed from the well or following a new pump installation. These are conditions where bacteria can be unwittingly introduced into your water system and could potentially adversely affect the quality of the water supply.

Water Odors

In many cases home wells can be affected by biofilms such as iron or sulfurs. While these bacteria can cause nuisance odors, they are not harmful and can be eliminated with well chlorination.

A Positive Bacteria Test

If coliform bacteria is detected in your water, most well owners will need to have their water supply disinfected (chlorinated). To disinfect a well a calculated amount of chlorine is added to the well and allowed to sit for a minimum of four hours. 

If you choose to have Triton Water Solutions perform the chlorination for you, trained staff will thoroughly exam your well and water system in an effort to determine the cause of the positive coliform bacteria test. The cause of the bacteria is usually within the water system itself, and not in the aquifer. Without finding and eliminating the cause of the bacteria, it is likely the bacteria will return after the well chlorination. 

Once all of the chlorine has been pumped out of the water system, a coliform bacteria test should be performed to determine if the well chlorination was effective.

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