Problem with Hard Water? Water it Down

Water TreatmentIn olden days, people drank water directly from the flowing streams. Why is it unsafe to drink water in such a way now? We, humans, are accountable for this. Unchecked industrialization and urbanization has caused rapid deterioration in the quality of water. And to such an extent that it is almost impossible to use water without following water treatment processes, in Indiana.

Know the negative causes of hard water

Another problem we face, although not posing a health risk as such is the hardness present in water. Water contains dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium which is responsible for the hardness in water. The effects of hard water may not be drastically felt at home, but it has significant repercussions in the commercial industry. How and why? Hard water is the main cause of concern in commercial establishments like food industry, hospitals or hospitality industry like hotels where water is used in appliances and equipments.

Effects of Hard Water

  • In food manufacturing industries, hard water spoils the appliances and equipments resulting in poor performance of these in the long run. If proper maintenance is not done then major repair works need to be undertaken.
  • In commercial laundry services, hospitals and hotels where clothes are used on regular basis, the hard water reduces the life of cloth items requiring constant replacement of these.
  • The scale build-up inside boilers reduces the efficiency of equipments to heat water effectively resulting in more power consumption and decreased life span of boilers.
  • The hard water spoils plumbing, water heaters and boiler equipments necessitating constant maintenance and repairs. The hard water forms layers of salt deposits in the pipes and considerably reduces the water flow through the pipes. Over a period of time these clogged pipes need to be replaced which disturbs the smooth functioning of commercial establishments.
  • Since it reduces the effectiveness of detergents, more quantity needs to be added to produce the desired result. This takes toll on the expenses as well as reduces the cleaning efficiency in commercial laundry establishments.

How do we go about reducing the hardness level in water?

Use a commercial water softener.Search for good services on water treatment Indiana. They make an assessment on the type and capacity of water softener required after studying the hardness level and usage needs of water in your facility.

Commercial water softener works on ion exchange principle where calcium and magnesium salts are replaced by sodium and potassium salts.There are alternative techniques available in which hardness causing salts are not removed but the scale formation properties of the salts are altered.

Hire efficient services in proper water treatment in Indiana wherein they directly attach commercial water softener to the water supply. This treats all the water at the entry level itself getting rid of the unwanted salts and rendering water safe for use in equipments. This drastically cuts down the expenditure on plumbing, equipment replacement and power consumption.

So, in establishments that are heavily dependent on water, installation of a commercial water softener makes for a sensible investment option and it surely pays off in the long run.

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