Your Water Treatment is Essential Business

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While it barely bears repeating, the recent challenges faced by industries across the world and the individuals who make them up have shed some light on what truly constitutes the word "essential". And if there's any silver lining to the events of the past few months, it's just that: we've been given a clear image of which often overlooked industries and services have the biggest impact on our day-to-day lives, from grocery stores to walk-in clinics. 

The water treatment industry is one of those essentials that you may not immediately think of. But now, more than ever, having access to safe, clean, and high-quality water is critical. During times of crisis, the true benefits of equipping your home with the correct water treatment equipment become clear. 

 Treating Your Water Saves You Money

Like most other projects around your home, choosing to treat your water is an investment that pays off over time. During times where money might be tight or periods where you're forced to account for every dollar, having a water treatment unit installed in your home can have a significant impact on the amount you spend on soaps, cleaning supplies, and appliance repairs over the year. The breakdowns below show some of the benefits that you can expect to see after having a water treatment professional install a water softener in your home. 

  • An estimated yearly savings of 75% on bath products. Soft water lets your shampoos and soaps work to their fullest, making them last longer and letting you buy less of them. 
  • An estimated yearly savings of 30% of clothes and linens. Soft water is more gentle on your clothing and is better at removing tough, stuck-on stains. 
  • An estimated yearly savings of 70% on cleaning products. Soft water lets cleaning and disinfecting products work like they were meant to, which means you'll use less of them to get the job done. 

 In addition to saving you money on cleaning products and clothing, soft water also keeps your water-using appliances running smoothly. The minerals that make up hard water leave behind a scaly residue that, if left unattended, can damage your appliances over time, resulting in them losing efficiency or breaking down altogether. By removing these hardness minerals, your appliances will last longer and will require less maintenance, resulting in savings in the long run. 

 Water Treatment Protects Your Family

With more and more headlines referencing contaminants like "forever chemicals" in our water, it's critical to make sure that our home's water supply is safe and free of impurities. The types of potential contaminants that your home may be vulnerable to depends on several factors, including where you source your water from (a municipal supply or a private well), what part of the country you live in, and the type and quality of the plumbing fixtures that you have inside your home. 

 Even if you live in the middle of a city and rely on a municipality to supply your water, which treats it based on EPA guidelines, there are opportunities for contaminants and impurities to be picked up along the way between the treatment facility and your tap. Especially if you live in older neighborhoods that were constructed using lead plumbing. A safeguard against contaminants reaching your home begins with a water treatment expert testing your water. If impurities or contaminants like lead or arsenic are discovered, a point of entry water filtration unit may be recommended. With the right knowledge and tools in place, water treatment can keep your home safe and impurity free. 

Reverse Osmosis FaucetHome Water Treatment Gives You Quality Drinking Water

A 2019 Harris poll, on behalf of the International Bottled Water Association, concluded that nearly 15% of Americans rely solely on bottled water for drinking. Ignoring the cost, inconvenience, and waste associated with bottled water consumption, sourcing quantities of bottled water during an emergency, such as a stay-at-home mandate, can be extremely difficult or impossible. Luckily, there are options to have instant access to bottled water quality (or better) from a tap in your kitchen sink. 

Reverse osmosis is the ultimate solution to convenient, pure drinking water. Using a multi-filtration process, a reverse osmosis system scrubs water of contaminants and impurities, leaving behind fresh, tasty water on par, or better, than anything that you can buy in a bottle. Often installed beneath a sink or in a discrete location, a reverse osmosis unit takes away the concerns of coordinating that next bottled water run. In a world of panic-buying, having access to the best, cleanest water at your tap is a real life-saver. 

Your Home's Water is Essential Business

Despite the uncertainty during these times, Evolve is still committed to producing the finest precision water treatment units for customers that rely on them daily. The Evolve series of top of the line softeners can fix any hard water problem while saving your household money on soaps, detergents, and costly appliance repairs. 

Evolve can protect your home from outside contaminants, pollutants, and impurities with the ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System, which is certified to remove harmful contaminants like lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS chemicals from your entire home. And if you're ready to stop relying on your local grocery store to have enough bottled water in stock, Evolve's Clearflo and UltroWater reverse osmosis systems can handle your drinking water needs. 

Your authorized Evolve dealer understands that the quality of your home's water is an essential business and is dedicated to providing you a solution to your problem water. Whether you're interested in the efficiency and cost savings of a water softener, the iron-clad defense capabilities against impurities and contaminants, or bottled-quality water at a moment's notice, contact your local Evolve dealer today to discuss your options for a water test and a consultation. 

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