Is Your Water Changing with the Seasons?

Seasonal Water Changes

As the trees begin to change colors, when apples are ready to be harvested and the pumpkins are nearly ready for carving, there’s no question that Autumn is just around the corner. And while Autumn brings comfortably cool mornings, apple cider, and cornstalk décor, it also brings with it several new responsibilities for homeowners. It’s the gateway to winter, which means raking and bagging leaves, putting away the summer patio furniture, winterizing the lawnmower, and preparing for the messy months ahead. While we generally know what to expect from the seasons changing, there are some things we naturally overlook. For example, did you know that the quality of your water can be affected by normal seasonal change?

While it’s not as easy to spot as a pile of leaves on the ground or tulips starting to bloom, your water can undergo some serious changes as the weather gets warmer or colder. Seasonal changes to your water can present as color changes, staining, new odors, and metallic tastes. It’s important to be able to identify what is causing these fluctuations in your water supply.

Seasonal change and water sources

As it is with most conversations when talking about water quality, seasonal changes can affect your home’s water differently depending on where you source it from. Naturally, owners of private wells need to be constantly vigilant of potential outside sources affecting their water supply. During the late winter and early spring months, excessive snow melt and heavy rainfall can cause flooding, leading to potential contaminants being introduced into the well. Additionally, the decay of organic matter in spring and fall can cause tannins to leach into the water supply if not monitored, causing discoloration and odor. And the liquid fertilizer used in the fields of agricultural super-centers and golf-courses in the summer months can cause increases in nitrates.

Municipal water supplies are all subject to those same issues, but with their treatment procedures most of those contaminants will be removed before reaching your tap. Municipalities have several challenges that they need to content with when the seasons change, including needing to change water sources or adjust treatment methods depending on weather and water quality conditions.

Evolve Air Filter CutawayWhy is my water staining everything?

Do you feel like you’re always scrubbing away stains in the bathroom that never used to be a problem? There are a few different colors you may be seeing depending on the water issue. All those beautiful colored trees can lead to not so beautiful colored water once it decays and leaves its mark in the groundwater. Below are the most common seasonal color changes you may experience:

  • Orange-colored stains from iron are probably the most familiar to you, but tannins, caused by decaying organic matter (like leaves) may also cause staining very similar to iron in the spring and fall months.
  • Black stains could be the result of other organic decay, or manganese.
  • Blue-green staining may be caused by the water table becoming acidic and now having a low pH. Excessive rainfall, pollutants, and organic decomposition can all contribute to low pH.

If you find that you have any of these symptoms caused by your water supply, they can be treated with a variety of Evolve whole-home filters.

What is that smell?

Odor is another issue that can arise from the changing of seasons. We often hear about a rotten egg smell which can leave you wondering if an egg was missed in the Easter Egg Hunt! Unfortunately, it’s more likely due to changes in the water table. Decay can cause a chemical reaction within the soil and rocks, releasing hydrogen sulfide gas into the water. The gas stays trapped in your water until it is released into the air as it exits your faucets and shower head.

Another common odor is from tannins, which can leave a musty or earthy smell that is just as unappealing as rotten eggs.

Although color, taste, and odor abnormalities can become a permanent part of your water supply, if it wasn’t there before, it may be connected to the changing of the seasons. With proper testing and treatment, your local Evolve water treatment dealer can bring your water back to normal by helping you pinpoint the issue and find a lasting solution. With the right equipment, you can make those seasonal water issues vanish so you can focus on the bigger issues at hand — like, what to do with all of the cornstalks you bought to decorate the porch.

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